Give me 45 seconds and I'll give you the world.


Wherever you are, whenever you're there: Jetstream shows you what's worth knowing. Thanks to weather and geo-location data from wunderground.com, we use your current location to determine world, domestic, and local news, and present them alongside the top stories trending at the moment. This moment. All timestamps are relative to now, because that's where we are, and sources are added to a curated, growing list, covering everywhere on earth. Headlines are shown in reverse chronological order, and sources, even when chunked, are ordered in reverse chronology (right- most was first to publish). New headlines are constantly being processed, but remember: authors usually have to be awake, or at work, to publish.

Source Equality

Everyone gets a voice, and nobody gets more than another (except maybe the Associated Press, but I'm working on that). If Reuters, Google or Yahoo each repeat a story through each of their World, Top, US and Business columns, they'd often get 4 'votes' toward the viewership of the story. On Jetstream this redundancy is filtered. If a source (e.g. NPR, New York Times, your local paper, or your Aunt Esther's blog) have a YouTube, Twitter, Website, or Podcast, the same information is collapsed to a single source and shown only once, no matter the amount of resyndication leveraged by the author or publisher.

Highly Forkable

In it's current design, there is much more breadth than depth available in the system. Once the goal of being relevent was met, the goal of quickly being able to manage and explore the information appeared. For this reason, many links on the site open in another tab, so that you may scan and close them seperately, as they're meant to stand alone as a thought-fork, in your jetstream of conciousness.

Psst... Hold "Alt" when viewing headlines..then click some words, and release the key.

Newshounds, rejoice!


A link looks like:



http://jetne.ws/Query Type/Term1[+[Term2+Term3+...]]/Page #/Headlines per Page/[/json]

"Query Type"
The "+" operator
The "|" operator
"Page #"
"Headlines per Page"
Optional: "/json"

Upcoming Features

Get Creative. Stay Creative.

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